Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to Backup Your Blogger Blog(s)

Those of us in the Revit community might recall last year when Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog was taken down unceremoniously by Blogger, without notice. Luke had to reassemble his blog on Word Press, and, I know this from talking to him, using incomplete data. To those of us who use Blogger, this should serve as a warning to us to routinely backup our blogs.

Here at Revit Add-ons, we create backups weekly, and we thought we'd share the process with the community.

There are two things we should backup:
  1. Posts (text only)
  2. Images

On Blogger, there's a way to backup posts (as an XML file) under Settings > Other, but DO NOT bother with it – it doesn't include images.

How to Backup Your Blog

1. Go to
2. By default, all aspects of your Google account are toggled on, and there are A LOT of them. Click Select none to toggle all of them off.

3. Toggle on the ones you want to backup. For our purposes, we toggle on Blogger and Google Photos.

Note: The Blogger option DOES NOT include images used on your site or in your posts. To download these, include Google Photos.

4. Click Next.

5. Click Create archive (depending on the size of your blog(s), creation will take some time).

6. Once the archive(s) are created, to download the zip file(s) to your Downloads folder, use the Download link(s).

7. For later use, if needed, file away the zip file(s) somewhere that makes sense to you.

We hope this helps!

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