Saturday, December 1, 2018

GAMUT | MINION – Make Changes to Families in Libraries in Batch Using a Spreadsheet

From the SPECtrumBIM website:

Managing updates to an entire library of BIM content shouldn’t be a daunting task and isn’t always the job of the BIM Manager. With GAMUT|MINION, now it doesn’t need to be. With easy to use spreadsheets, you can make wholesale, library-wide changes with the click of a mouse. There’s no longer a reason to open every family to add, remove or replace parameters and values. In addition to Managing Family Types and all the data within them, GAMUT|MINION also contains the GAMUT|PARAMETERS tools, allowing you to add, remove and replace parameters with ease.
  • Add and Remove parameters, family types and materials in your families – Working in batch allows you to make updates to your entire library quickly.
  • Modify parameter values, formulas and properties – No more long hours opening each family to make minor changes.
  • Update materials and assemblies – Whether it’s a material color or a layer within an assembly, library wide updates are a breeze.
  • Refresh everything all at once.

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GAMUT|MINION is brought to you by SPECtrumBIM. It's priced at US $29.00/month or $249.00/year.

There's more information available on the SPECtrumBIM website.

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