Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What’s Hot in Revit Add-ons for December 2018

Here on Revit Add-ons, with What's Hot, at about the middle of each month, we look back at the preceding month to see which new posts received the most pageviews.

In November 2018, we published 47 posts and received 62,872 pageviews, our second highest tally to date.

Our post on Lumion 9 topped our list for the month. The #2 post was also update-related, Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools for Revit v7.

Posts related to new products were Guardian at #3, SheetLink at #4, ENGyn, a rare Navisworks-related charting post, at #5, BCF Export, a rare BIM 360-related charting post, at #6, LINKo7 (fittingly enough) at #7, and Drawing List Manager at #8.

Rounding out our list for the month was our thank you to our readers and advertisers.

Here's the list of this month's shortlisted posts, along with the add-in/content originators:
  1. Lumion 9 from Act-3D B.V.
  2. Free Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools for Revit v7 – New Features and a New Look from Autodesk, Inc
  3. Guardian – Automate Consistency Re Imported Parameters & Parameters in Families, Plus Prevent Certain Actions from IconicBIM
  4. Free SheetLink – Synchronize Model Data with Spreadsheets from DiRoots
  5. Free and Open-Source ENGyn – Dynamo-Like Visual Scripting for Navisworks from  ENGworks
  6. Free BCF Export for BIM 360 from Autodesk, Inc
  7. LINKo7 – Bring AutoCAD into Revit and Revit into AutoCAD from  MDC Software Solutions LLC
  8. Free Drawing List Manager for Autodesk® Revit® from Grenov
  9. Thank You!

Thanks and congratulations to all the content originators!

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