Sunday, October 20, 2019

Deploy UNIFI's Project Analytics, Get BIM Content Free!

From the announcement:

Has your team been slowed down by long sync times or even model crashes? Poor model health and quality can lead to a number of issues that waste time and money.  With UNIFI’s Project Analytics solution, our customers tell us they are enabled to:
  • Monitor your models for common issues and anomalies with diagnostics.
  •  Identify issues before they become serious problems.
  • Set health indicators with customizable alerts.
  • Manage Revit warnings and categories by urgency.
  • Drill down into the specific issues and related users for swift corrective action.
  • Utilize easy-to-read dashboards.
  • Get real-time data, that updates with every sync to central.

Set-up takes minutes, with 3 simple steps. No coding, integrations, or extensive training is required.

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Our customers tell us that Project Analytics can pay for itself with just one project! On top of this, we'll give you our top-quality generic BIM content packs (a $15,000 value) to power your Revit projects if you deploy 50 models in Project Analytics by 12/31/19. With this special offer, you'll get access to our top quality doors, casework, commercial bathroom, commercial kitchen, and communication device BIM content, totaling over 30 families! Every piece of content also includes:
  • An endless number of possible configurations and easily editable parameters.
  • Support documentation with detailed description of each families functionality.
  • Top quality content built to the UNIFI standard.
  • Connectors and parameters needed to run calculations respectively.
  • And much more, click here please click here further information. 

Ready to Take Advantage of this Unbeatable Offer?


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