Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Catching up with pyRevit — Now on Version 4.8.8

The last time we posted about pyRevit was regarding version 4.6.18 on March 11, 2019. Since then, Ehsan Iran-Nejad has continued to be very active with this extremely useful tool, and has published numerous releases since then, including two major dot releases. Here I'll try to encapsulate some of the changes Ehsan has made over the past couple of years plus...

In version 4.6.20 published on May 12, 2019, the following tools were added:

  • Create Parallel Section
  • Match Property
  • Cycle family types
  • Family type and param maker

In version 4.6.21, published on May 19, 2019, CPython was officially brought to pyRevit. The Compare Elements tool was also added.

In version 4.7, published on Nov 7, 2019, some of the improvements included:

  • pyRevit Telemetry: Advanced pyRevit and Revit usage tracking for your organizations. See Telemetry System
  • pyRevit Telemetry Server: Telemetry server that listens for telemetry data from all pyRevit users in your organization. Supports many SQL and Document database types. See Telemetry System for how to get it set up.
  • C# bundles are now executed like a python script. A new fresh copy of the C# code is run at every execution. This means that you can make changes to the code while Revit is running and keep re-executing the code. Just like python scripts. Scripts now have access to pyRevit script information e.g. path, bundle name, ... See Create Your First .NET Command
  • Tab Colorizer by Revit model or family. See Colorize Revit Tabs
  • Grasshopper buttons ( pyRevit can now request Rhino.Inside to rub the grasshopper scripts inside pyRevit bundles. See Rhino.Inside project. Place a or script.ghx inside a pyRevit bundle, and pyRevit will ask Rhino.Inside to run that for you. Very similar to how DynamoBIM bundles work.
  • New ReNumber tool. Currently works on spatial elements (e.g. rooms and areas), and doors, walls, windows.
  • New Show Linked File tool: Opens explorer and points to the selected linked file in Revit
  • New Save Families tool: Selectively save families. Kudos to Alex Melnikov
  • New Keep Mirrored tool: Kudos to Alex Melnikov
  • New Select Tompost Group tool: Kudos to Alex Melnikov
  • New Parkings to renumber tool
  • Search tool now shows tooltips for commands
  • Completely redesigned Print tool
  • New Merge Parts tool
In version 4.8, released on released after Nov 21, 2020, some of the additions included:
  • Pick elements is now configurable. Shift-Click and select the favorites
  • ReValue tool now supports Find/Replace
  • New Load Families From Folder tool
  • Added Keynote Manager compatibility with BIM360
  • pyRevit now has a discourse group
  • Added grids and levels to ReNumber tool
As extensive as this list is, it is only a subset of the work Ehsan has done. There's much more for developers, and in bug fixes. You can check out the full release notes here.

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