Wednesday, July 21, 2021

TestFit 2.20: To Massing Mode & Beyond

From the announcement:

🏙️ A bit about Massing Mode 

Since 2017, TestFit users have generated millions of apartment units with our configurator. To that end, TestFit has solved unit mixes, parking garages, complex setbacks, and a myriad of other urban tech problems.

TestFit has always been about confirming assumptions to narrow the range of outcomes on sites. Our customers have requested a new tool to assist in the creation of those assumptions. 

With TestFit 2.20, users can manually craft any shape. We’ve called it massing mode, and the use cases are many. It can be used as a basic massing tool for urban planning, a simple blocking and stacking tool, or a surface parked retail center. We're looking forward to hearing about your use cases.

- Clifton Harness, CEO at TestFit

TestFit 2.20: Introducing Massing Mode


The simple massing tool in this release has four foundational features:

  1. Layer Order - Sets the space hierarchy with a simple layering system
  2. Shape Style - Either fill the site, create a custom shape, or offset a custom shape
  3. Space Type - Users specify the type of space, and how its tabulated
  4. Tabulations - Instantly tabulated following layer order, space style, and space type.

Included in the space type is parking, and parking can be set to solve with the TestFit configurator. Another space type, voids, can be used to remove building areas. We’ve included 9 typologies of space, including Retail, Multifamily, Hotel, Modular, Housing, Parking, Office, Park, and Civic.

We like to think of it as spatial excel. You’re getting real-time tabulation: of the size, acreage, FAR, unit count derived from size factors and net rentable.

We’ve also added parking entrances / exits, support for user-defined currencies, multiple garden apartment improvements & more.

Grab your 🍿 - this a packed release. Check out the full release details (almost 30 GIFs) to see what's possible in your projects and consult the Massing Mode Knowledge Base article to get started now.

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