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KMT Link — Link an Excel File to Revit and Create Thousands of Unplaced Rooms and/or Spaces in Seconds

From the Kemet Solutions website:

If you are reading this article, it possible that once you needed to create Rooms or Spaces in Revit from an Excel file, and update them again; if this is the case so please continue reading because the solution is here!

Project Space Program and BIM

Starting a new project in Revit requires several elements to be prepared in order to start modelling a correct BIM model which meets the owner’s requirements, one of these elements is the Project Space Program.

A Project Space Program contains all the requirements from the project owner, it can be simple and it can be really complicated, all depends on the project size. Specially when the owner changes their program throughout the project life-cycle phases, these updates sometimes are endless, which impacts one of the main BIM uses “Programming”.

Lack of the Project Space Programming control in a BIM model can impact an important goal of BIM, the project Cost

That being said, let’s discover KMT Link, a Revit Plugin developed by Kemet BIM Solutions, a small startup focuses on Data Management Solutions in BIM Models.

KMT Link Features

KMT Link is our first plugin for Revit, and it mainly focuses on:

  • Create a Bi-Directional Link between an Excel file and Revit.
  • Create as much as needed of Rooms/Spaces in Revit from Excel.
  • Update in Bi-Directional way any updates to keep the Revit Database the same as the Excel file and the opposite.

In this article, we will show how to create Rooms from an Excel file in less than 3 minutes!


  • Prepare an Excel file with the required project program, each Room/Space should be in one line Separately.
  • Project Program Excel file
  • Create a new Revit Project or Save the current open project.
  • Create a Rooms/Spaces Schedule in Revit, this will be used to verify data later.
  • Create Revit Parameters; as much as needed (each Parameter should correspond to an Excel Column).
  • Open the KMT Link plugin and select the Excel file (the excel file should be closed).
  • KMT Link Interface
  • Select which Rows will be used to Create Rooms or Spaces (Tip: use CTRL or Shift to select specific Rows or Select several Rows together).
  • No alt text provided for this image
  • The Mapping step will link each Column to a Specific Revit Parameter, this link is permanent even if the Columns order have changed in Excel!
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  • Select which Parameter will be the Primary ID Key, this one is very important: KMT Link will use this value to manage the updates between Excel and Revit.
  • Finally Choose whether to create Rooms or Spaces in which phase.
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  • Now, Rooms have been Created, and the Excel file is Uniquely linked to the current Revit Project!


The video below explains the previous steps :

We hope that this tool will help you to save more time in creating Rooms and Spaces in Revit and manage the possible updates easily!


A 3 days trial version is available for download from this link:

If you’re interested in buying the plugin, we offer affordable prices, check them out here:

KMT Link is brought to you by Kemet Solutions. It's priced as follows:
  • $39.00/user/month
  • $450.99/user/year
  • $219.90/10 users/month
  • $2,509.00/10 users/year
Download from the Kemet Solutions website »

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