Monday, January 10, 2022

Free Webinar Jan 12 — Introduction to Import and Link Manager from CTC Software's BIM Manager Suite

From the announcement:

Introduction to Import and Link Manager from BIM Manager Suite

Wed, Jan 12, 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Revit® has passable tools for managing linked files, but they could be easier to use. Additionally, there are no tools to manage or discover the imports that make their way into our design models. The Import & Link Manager tool handles both of these issues, making the correction of imports and management of links far easier. Join us as we explore this toolset, so you can more efficiently manage your models.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to obtain the BIM Project Suite
  • Introduction to Import & Link Manager user interface
  • Executing link management
  • Updating imported models efficiently

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