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PointCloud to Surface Suite

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PointCloud to Surface Suite has been designed for surveyors, architects, builders and developers working on as-built projects. It reads laser scan data captured onsite and imported into Autodesk® Revit®, streamlining the workflow needed to create complex surfaces in a BIM project to match as-built conditions.

Works with both structured and unstructured point cloud instances. Supports shared co-ordinate models.

The 14 Tools include:

Surface from Point Cloud Selection: This allows you to draw a selection box around the points of interest then select whether they should be mapped as either a topography, floor or roof element. For roofs and floors, you can select the build type and level for the new element. The section box can be used to filter out points on a broad scale, so by working in 3d view the section box in conjunction with the user drawn selection box allows very specific filtering of points to be added to each new element.

Surface from adaptive points: Reads all adaptive points from your document and creates a new topography, floor or roof element mapped to those points. This takes advantage of adaptive point ability to snap to pointclouds since Revit 2011.

Add Adaptive Points to Existing surface: Reads all adaptive points from your document and adds them to the existing topography, floor or roof element of your choosing.

Wall Tool: Mark out your wall lines with adaptive points that snap to the point cloud then use the wall tool to create straight or curved walls that align to your marks.

Model Lines: Mark out your lines with adaptive points that snap to the point cloud then use the Model Lines tool to create straight or Model Lines that align to your marks.

4 Utilities: Single click buttons to hide/show pointcloud instances, access the graphics setting for point clouds, clear all adaptive points from your document and add adaptive points. The add adaptive button also checks for the correct family instance and loads it automatically from the app bundle if not found in the document.

3 Exporters: Write point data to commonly used external files including PTS and CSV from pointcloud selection, and XYZ CSV from adaptive points.

2 Importers: Import saved or selected point data into your project as a floor, roof or topo or as a set of adaptive points.

Wall Tool prompts for first wall

Wall Tool prompt for first wall

Curved wall created, wall tool prompts for next wall

The interface includes 10 tools to streamline workflow.

Make new floors, roofs or topos from points

Use adaptive points to create a new floor, roof or topo

Quick access to point cloud graphics overides

Export point data to pts file or to XYZ csv file

Note: App must be purchased with the same Autodesk account which is used to log in to Revit or the App will not run.

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About This Version

Version 2.1.2, 11/30/2021

Version 2.1.2 improves export by pointcloud selection functionality by providing a detail slider, and also reading section view limits to avoid selection of points outside of the active section view.

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PointCloud to Surface Suite is brought to you by ADB3D. It's priced at USD 69.00.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2022, 2021, and 2020.

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