Monday, June 3, 2024

Avail Announces New Features in Releases of Desktop Application (v4.6) and Revit Plugins

From the Avail website:

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, May 15, 2024 - Software company AVAIL – which creates content management system (CMS) solutions for the global architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry – has released AVAIL Desktop 4.6 along with Revit plugins AVAIL for Revit 5.2 and Harvest for Revit 2.4. Downloads for new releases can be found at

All new releases support Revit 2025. Harvest for Revit 2.4 and AVAIL for Revit 5.2 also now support Revit Assemblies.

Two new features are available to preview with AVAIL Desktop 4.6: Palettes and Revit Application Version Management. Palettes are user-customized lists of content in AVAIL and can function as starter content for a specific project or to drive workflows such as redlining construction details. After downloading AVAIL Desktop 4.6, customer administrators can turn on this feature for their account in AVAIL’s Manage Portal page. Once enabled, any user on the account with 4.6 installed will be able to utilize Palettes. To learn more about Palettes, visit and

Available with AVAIL Desktop 4.6, Palettes are lists of content customized by any AVAIL user.

“We’re excited to add a powerful new feature, Palettes, that enables project teams to collaborate on content workflows,” said Randall Stevens, AVAIL Founder and CEO. “Driven by multiple requests from customers, Palettes can also be used in conjunction with a new PDF export feature to drive redlining and markup in applications such as Bluebeam.” 

AVAIL Desktop 4.6’s second preview feature, Revit Application Version Management, will automatically convert Revit files to newer versions from Revit 2021 through Revit 2025 in AVAIL Host-in-Cloud Channels. AVAIL Enterprise customers will be the first to receive access to this feature. To request a demo or add this preview feature to an AVAIL account, kindly fill out this form. To learn more about Revit Application Version Management, visit

“Another oft-requested feature is the ability to automatically ‘version-up’ Revit content,” Stevens said. “With this release we’ve added support for Revit application versioning to our Host-in-Cloud service that uses Autodesk Platform Services to do just that!”

More improvements in AVAIL Desktop 4.6 include new sorting abilities (AVAIL Channels by name, author, date created, or date modified and Stream definitions by creator); thumbnail generation for .pdf and .pat files via the Virtualize Thumbnails process; a count for number of items selected; and improved grid and list views. Additionally, the Tags and Filters Editor now features an updated interface with two new views for tag management.

AVAIL for Revit 5.2 features a new right-click Context Menu in Revit 2025 that includes the option to launch the AVAIL Desktop, show the selected item in the AVAIL Project Navigator panel, show Instance Navigator window for Revit Family Types, Groups, and Assemblies, and search in AVAIL Desktop.

Discover more about AVAIL Desktop, as well as Revit plugins AVAIL for Revit and Harvest for Revit.


Founded in 2016 as a solution for architectural firms to find the information they need faster, AVAIL creates software for the global architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. AVAIL’s content management system (CMS) platform and Revit application tools help designers and engineers take control of their intricate network of files in one visual, streamlined solution. Spun out of ArchVision, a provider of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC), AVAIL’s customers include industry leaders like Gensler, Perkins + Will, IMEG, LEO A DALY, and Populous.

AVAIL is priced at USD 20.00/month or USD 200.00/year. A free version with limited functionality is available. For additional pricing/functionality information, see this page.

Download from the AVAIL website » 


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