Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Security Guard Add-in

This add-in password protects families.

The user will be prompted for a password in two situations:
  1. In the project environment when they attempt to open the Family Types dialog
  2. When they attempt to open a family file

You can control if you want this check enabled for all Revit family files or not as follows:
  1. The password will be required to edit and open all family files if there is “AlwaysRequirePassword.txt” file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.
  2. If this file does not exist, the password will only be required for families that contain an integer parameter named “AccessRestricted” with a value of 1 (or Yes, if you choose to make it a Yes/No parameter)

After the password is successfully entered, the user will not be prompted again for the password during that Revit session. If you purchase a license (for $2.99), a custom password can be set in the pwd.txt file in the BoostYourBIM-FamilySecurity.bundle\Contents folder.

NOTE: This app only protects families when this app is installed. There is no protection when someone without this app attempts to modify families.

There's more information available on the Boost Your BIM blog.

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balu said...

Can we get this add on for 2018