Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Revit Family Processor

Save Time. Eliminate tedious updating of Revit families.

The Revit Family Processor empowers you to change, delete, and add Revit family materials and parameters to an entire content library in a matter of minutes. Eliminate the need to update every family individually. The Revit Family Processor is compatible with Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP. Make consistent changes to materials and parameters throughout an entire library of Revit families without having to open each family.

Using a logical workflow, the Revit Family Processor empowers Revit users to manipulate Revit families by making consistent changes to materials and parameters in a short period of time. The Revit Family Processor can be used to update a single family, or apply your changes to an entire content library!


Now you can rapidly scan for and delete unwanted materials. Specify a list of materials, and the Revit Family Processor will search each family file you tell it to. If the materials are found, they will be deleted. You can also choose default materials to have added to family files, and gain comfort in knowing that each material will be added exactly the same way- without adding duplicates. Adhere to standards and correct materials by renaming, changing RGB settings, and modifying the transparency of materials. Add, delete and change materials all at once.


Consistently changing parameters in multiple family files can be challenging. The Revit Family Processor eliminates this daunting challenge by deleting parameters, adding shared parameters, adding family parameters, replacing shared parameters, setting formulas, and changing parameters in as many families as you like in a matter of minutes.

When manipulating materials and parameters, you can select and apply changes to a single family file or a batch of families from a main directory or sub-directories.  When complete, you can view a log to verify all changes made, and export the information to an XML document.

For more information, visit the CAD Technology Center product website.

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