Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SuperDoor for Revit Architecture

Eliminate the need to create and maintain Revit door families.

By harnessing the powerful parametric capabilities of Revit software, SuperDoor empowers users to generate any door family imaginable. By using infinite variations of panel and frame configurations, Revit Architecture users can generate data-rich doors quickly and easily.  SuperDoor is the only door family you will ever need.

The SuperDoor system leverages the advanced parametric capabilities of Autodesk Revit software, and empowers users to generate virtually infinite variations of panel and frame configurations with Revit Architecture.

Consisting of four major families that can be inserted into a project, SuperDoor shares all frame and panel components that are selectively loaded into the project by Revit users. This allows the end user to choose panel and frame types on the fly, and immediately leverage those selections in their project.

With separate panel and frame components, users can easily customize frame and panel variations. By reusing these components, Revit project file sizes are greatly reduced.

Rather than having individual families loaded for each variation, when using SuperDoor only the parts need to be reloaded. This can decrease the family file size footprint within a Revit project by as much as 85%.

For more information, visit the CAD Technology Center product website.

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