Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WaterMark for Revit Families

Protect your Revit content from unauthorized use.

WaterMarking your families is the ultimate deterrent from unauthorized use. Embed a string of encrypted data within the densest area of the Revit family database file with WaterMark, and protect your content with identifying information such as:

- Company name
- Date/time created
- Comments (free flowing text)

Families can be WaterMarked individually, or batch process all families within a directory. This layer of encrypted security cannot be altered or removed by anyone except the original WaterMark author. This data is password protected. There is no limit to the number of WaterMarks that can be added to your content that will protect your investment made in developing Revit families.

The WaterMark program also has the ability to check for and identify WaterMarks on a single family, multiple families in a directory, or an entire Revit project. Scan models or files to identify the WaterMarked content.

Reports can be generated (exportable to Excel) and will assist you in identifying all WaterMarked content- your families and families WaterMarked by others.

Protect the investment made in the development and maintenance of your Revit content. Protect your Revit content from unauthorized use.

For more information, see the CAD Technology Center product website.

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