Monday, June 6, 2016

Free CASE Apps Now Available from Free BIM One Add-ins Manager

From the BIM One website...

The BIM One Add-Ins Manager let you install, update or uninstall BIM One Add-ins from your account in a couple mouse clicks. Make sure Revit is closed and let the Manager installs the add-ins on your computer.

Benefits :
  • Easily manage add-ins
  • Access our applications in one single click
  • Seamless updates

Here is what you will find into our Addins Manager :
  • More than 5 FREE BIM One Apps
  • More than 40 FREE Case Inc Apps
  • BIM Track™ Apps available


Editor's Note: The BIM One Add-ins Manager offers the CASE Apps with Revit 2015-2017 compatibility.

There's more information available on the BIM One website.


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