Friday, February 22, 2013

BIM Manager Suite from CTC

CTC have apparently bundled their Revit add-in products into a couple of suites, including the BIM Manager Suite...

The fastest way to manipulate Revit families and make consistent changes to materials and parameters programmatically.

The tools included in this suite:

Family Processor

The fastest way to update your Revit families programmatically.
  • Change, delete, and add family materials and parameters
  • Make changes individually or for an entire content library
  • Instant OmniClass number population


The safest way to protect your Revit Content from unauthorized use.
  • Add encrypted information to family files
  • Scan for watermarked content in a project or network
  • Password-protected data cannot be removed
  • Apply a transparent overlay to family previews

Family Tools

The #1 file management system for Revit.
  • Compare and merge shared parameters
  • Convert type catalogs
  • Family file version detector

Revision Cloud Remover

The fastest way to remove all revision clouds, both visible and hidden.
  • Single click removal
  • Quickly clean up your drawing view
  • Remove clutter from schedule sheets

Batch Family Loader

Easily automates the process of loading new or updated family files into your Revit Models.
  • Select one ore more project files to update
    Select one or more families to load
    Ability to load only families already in the projects (batch update)

There's more information available on the CAD Technology Center website.

For other family management add-ins, click here.

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