Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interactive Visualization with Revizto for Revit

Revizto uses 3D gaming technology to provide an easy-to-use interactive visualization platform for the AEC industry.

Revizto provides a simple, cost-effective way for architects, engineers and builders to communicate before, during and after the construction of a building. Unlike heavyweight 3D tools, Revizto doesn't require a big upfront investment or a long learning curve. Revizto is specifically designed to be the easiest way for anyone to communicate in 3D.

REVIZTO converts Revit Building Information Models into lightweight, interactive Visual Information Models. REVIZTO with Revit Add-In retains the BIM object data, including Family metadata and custom materials. After creating the VIM, users of REVIZTO Viewer can access the object data.

To create a VIM from Revit just install REVIZTO Add-In or if you work with SketchUp models, simply import it into REVIZTO Editor. You may adjust visual quality and geometry for speed; change exterior and interior lighting, control materials and etc.

Next to editing your VIM, you may save it and export as a standalone file. After that you may send to your project team or upload it to the REVIZTO Workspace, where you can invite anyone to view your project and collaborate using markers with real-time chat and screenshots.
REVIZTO allows creating virtual voice-rich walk-throughs and exporting them as videos.

Anyone can easily view VIM-files for free in any web browser using the Unity3D plugin. REVIZTO Viewer is cross-platform application and available for Windows,  Mac and Web, as well as iPad and Android tablets. Application ensures simple collaboration tools and good visual communication, as well as advanced features for AEC professionals.

There's more information available on the Revizto website.

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