Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Macros for Deleting Views and Sheets for Autodesk Revit

"These 3 macros were created to solve a task that I do frequently, clean models from other companies. As an MEP firm, we receive several models per project from the architects, structural, and others. We also use Revit Server to enable our teams to work from any office on any project. So in order to reduce time and space, we clean out the models we receive by deleting views, legends, schedules, and sheets. Then we purge and the models range from 30-60% smaller in size. Depending on the source of the model we may or may not delete the sheets and typically for arch models we keep the floor and ceiling plans for linking."

Macros included are:

  • Delete All Sheets and Views
  • Delete Sheets And Views (except floor & ceiling plans)
  • Delete Views (except floor and ceiling plans)

There's more information available on the Troy Gates' Revit Coaster blog.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

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