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Egan Sheet Matrix – Automatically Renumber Views on Sheets

From the Autodesk Exchange Apps website...

What you can expect from the Egan Sheet Matrix application:
Automatically Renumber Views On Sheets

This app automatically renumbers views on sheets according to a user-defined matrix.
The app has been designed to conform with the Uniform Drawing System/ Drawing Area Coordinate System of the U.S. National Cad Standard. However, the app can be adjusted as required for each company.

Typical Module Numbering

Typically, the app will renumber any detail that is placed on a sheet or moved on a sheet according to the currently assigned titleblock module.
Duplicate Module Numbers

If there is a detail already placed in the module, the app will renumber the detail with the correct module number, but append “X-##,” where “##” is a random number, to indicate that the number is a duplicate. Other than this convention, the user is responsible for recognizing and correcting duplicate module numbers.
Out of Matrix Numbers

If a detail is placed or moved outside of the matrix, the detail will not be given a module number but will be numbered “X-##,” where “##” is a random number, to indicate that the detail is outside of the matrix. Other than this convention, the user is responsible for recognizing and correcting details that are outside of the matrix.
See screenshots below for more information.

Enable/ Disable By Sheet

The app provides a sheet parameter, “Skip Egan Sheet Matrix,” which, if checked, will disable the app for that sheet. This is useful for any sheet where renumbering of details may not be desired, like 3D views, door details and title sheets. The app default is to process all sheets.
Enable/ Disable By Titleblock Type

The app is based by titleblock type. Only titleblock types that have a sheet matrix assigned will have details placed on them renumbered.

Enable/ Disable By Project

To disable the app for the whole project, do not assign matrix settings to any titleblock types in the project, or, use the settings dialog to remove all assignments from all titleblock types.
Trial Information

The trial download provides a 60-day, full-functioning version of the app. After this time, you will need to purchase a one-year subscription license in order to continue using the app.

There's more information available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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