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Fire Sprinklers – Effective Design of Fire Sprinkler Systems

From the AGACAD website:

BIM software for effective design of fire sprinkler systems

Fire Sprinklers (previous name Smart Sprinklers) makes it quick and easy to design high-quality fire sprinkler protection systems in Revit®, with automated real-time updates for project changes. That ensures you’ll get accurate bills of materials and builders work drawings, and accurate on-site assembly. 

The software incorporates NFPA, AU and ISO standards and can accommodate any others. It uses simple yet flexible rules to distribute sprinkler heads instantly throughout a current or linked Revit model with the clash tolerance you specify. It also properly sizes system pipes and automatically connects them based on the visually-depicted routing option you choose.

MEP Hangers functionality, which is included, enables the instant large-scale insertion of hangers and supports for accurate on-site assembly of sprinkler system pipes.

We also recommend the separate Cut Opening solution to easily create openings with fire safety components where sprinkler system pipes intersect with walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, beams and columns.

Client Story:

NDY Malaysia: “Smart Sprinklers is essential in our day to day usage of Revit."

Compatible with BIM software Autodesk® Revit®, Revit® MEP, Building Design Suite.

Fire Sprinklers is useful for companies that are working with fire protection systems.

Fire Sprinklers is a powerful BIM solution for wet and dry fire protection systems suited for standards in all global regions. Pre-set or custom rules let you place heads throughout an Autodesk® Revit® model, connect them to distribution pipes based on visually-depicted routing options, pre-calculate pipe diameters, and more.

  • Easily distribute Sprinkler Heads in accordance to the coverage area
  • Choose the best routing of your system by visually-depicted routing options
  • Pre-calculate pipe diameters in accordance to your country or company standards
  • Modify Fire Protection system at any stage of your project
  • Run clash analysis between different parts of fire protection system and other elements in the model

Fire Sprinklers allows easy planning of sprinklers' location in the BIM model with a real time interference checking and it automatically routes pipes from sprinklers to distribution pipes in a predefined way. This BIM solution lets user choose between different routing preferences that have visual identity. User could work with this solution in whole Australia, America and Europe. Smart Sprinklers application is exclusive for its automatic system connection. Using this product you will be able to work with sprinkler fire protection systems from the very beginning, from sprinkler head distribution till the whole system pipe size selection according to different standards.

Ideal for: 
  • MEP Engineers, Fire Protection System designers 
    • Distribute and connect sprinklers into fire protection system with appropriate routings and pre-calculate diameters 
  • New Revit® users 
    • Easier creation of fire sprinkler systems than using simple Revit tools 
  • Experienced BIM Managers
    • Additional tools that Revit does not has 
    • Control of BIM model and clash detection 
  • Contractors 
    • Receive more accurate and detailed building model and building drawings 

Powerful features:
  • Collaboration 
    • Possibility to work with linked files 
    • Integrated clash detection between parts of fire protection system and the whole model 
  • Efficiency 
    • Easy and fast distribution of sprinkler heads 
    • Connection of elements by predefined routing saves up to 3 times the time used per project 
    • Pre-calculate pipe diameters inside of Revit. No need to export data to external calculation machines 
  • Compliance 
    • Model elements are active after distribution 
    • Possibility to adapt pre-calculations to any standard 

Fire Sprinklers solution extends design and calculation possibilities for designers using Autodesk Revit software. This BIM application for Autodesk Revit lets you automatically distribute sprinkler elements in a space, connect all elements into one hydraulic system using specially programmed configurations and size pipes according to different standards. User can modify the standards according to his/her needs.

The element distribution is based on predefined parameters which can be adjusted by adding some values. The solution has integrated routing preferences for all possible distribution variants and all of these routings are depicted graphically for better understanding. Calculations for pipe sizes are based on the limits of flow.

  • Smart Modeling. You can create 3D piping for your sprinkler designs the way you want.
  • Speed and Increased Productivity. Smart Sprinklers inserts sprinklers in space and routs pipes from sprinklers to distribution pipe automatically. Automatically pre-calculates diameters for range and distribution pipes by different standards (ISO, AS, NFPA, etc). Revit MEP users will save a lot of hours per project using Smart Sprinklers add-on.
  • Error Prevention. Interference checking functions for sprinklers and sprinkler pipe system allow you to easily avoid mistakes. Interference checking works in real time when you are planning sprinkler distribution in space. Ability to access specialized fire protection data in real time allows you to easily avoid mistakes.
  • Saved settings for future projects. Allows you to re-create sprinkler layouts and analysis to quickly meet standards or change from one to another.
  • Sprinkler Distribution in Linked Revit File. Tools of Smart Sprinklers are relevant to all Revit MEP users because this BIM solution enables quick distribution of sprinkler elements in the linked Revit files and easy modification of them.
  • Automatic system connection. 
  • Integrated pipe size calculations. 
  • Integrated interference check. 
  • Up to 3 times the time saved per one project.
  • One mouse click. Distribution of hundreds elements in one click.


“Smart Sprinklers application is essential in our day to day usage of Revit. It was difficult to generate large quantities of sprinkler layouts before this add-in. We are now able to do so and it has definitely saved us a lot of time. I’m also impressed with the customer support when I have issues with the product. Plus the issues get fixed in the updates.”

- Julian Phoon, BIM Manager at NDY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Fire Sprinkler is brought to you by AGACAD. Pricing was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2018, 2017, and 2016.

There's more information available on the AGACAD website.

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