Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Re-Number Duplicate Mark Add-in for Revit

From the SpiceTools website...

Warning Resolution.Re-Number Duplicate Mark Values
Often the source of annoying warnings in a project, the 'Elements have duplicate Mark Values' warning can slow down your project eventually. This error usually when families are copied multiple times.

Fail-Safe.Reliable Warning Resolution
The objective of using this tool is to two-fold: to remove the warning as quickly and painfully as possible and to make it possible to identify erroneous components for correction later.

It's Free.Don't let warnings slow you down!
We know that element Id's of each element is unique. So, in order to resolve this problem, we simply left the first instance of the mark as is and appended all the others with an underscore and the element ID. This ensures that all duplicate elements have unique mark numbers. Element Id's are clearly identifiable by its long string of numbers. When this is combined with an underscore, it becomes very easy for an user to revisit renumbered components leisurely at a later date and correct the mark values if necessary.

There's more information available on the SpiceTools website.

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