Monday, November 30, 2015

Smart Details – Faster LOD400 Modeling in Revit (Updated)

From the AGACAD website...

Smart Details is an advanced solution for faster LOD400 modelling in Revit®. It is amazingly effective: load your families to the project, define rules and insert hundreds of elements into the project with a few clicks, follow project changes and quickly update, modify inserted details.

Editor's Note: AGACAD will be hosting a free interactive webinar on December 1st to announce and (presumably) demo Smart Details.

  • Easy setup of insertion rules
  • Insert details on any face of host element
  • Use parameters of host elements to make your details smart and adaptive to host length, thickness, height etc.
  • Insert details according to gravity point
  • Insert details according surrounding elements
  • Save your time by using update and modify options
  • Use interaction with Smart Assemblies to prepare shop drawings

Coming soon!
Beta version is already released

This upcoming BIM solution will help Revit users quickly insert and manage different intelligent details like structural plates, anchors, grout tubes, etc.

Ideal for:
Structural Engineers
  • Insert details using defined rules to the exact place you need at once, instead of inserting them one by one with inaccurate standard Revit command.
  • Make cuts and reveals on top, bottom and side surfaces of your elements for multiple elements with just one click, instead of inserting them one by one.

Powerful features:
  • Rule based detail distribution on element surfaces
  • Quick modification and update of inserted details

Smart Assemblies used for workshop drawings recognizes changes made by Smart Details

  • Increased Productivity and Cost Savings. Revit users will save hundreds of hours per project using Smart Details automation of routine functions and updates to design changes.
  • Speed. Enables instant insertion of hundreds of elements to selected elements according to configurations.

Line and point based elements (voids or solids) on any element face according to defined rules.

Use easy to set up rules to define amount of elements and insertion points.

Insert, update or modify elements which are already inserted.

Insert elements according to the gravity point.

Insert elements according to available solid depth.

Insert details by priority to control on which surface details should be inserted.

Make your details smart – use parameters taken from your host elements, so you could automatically adjust size of your detail. In the example below you see that cut length was modified according to host element (wall) thickness automatically.

Insert, update or delete gravity point.

Download the free Beta version of Smart Details. Smart Details has now officially been released.

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