Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CADTracer – Trace Revit Lines Over CAD Imports (Updated)

Update 10/5/2016: CADTracer is no longer free. It's now priced at 29.99 USD.

From the Autodesk App Store...

CADTracer is designed to allow Autodesk® Revit® users to replace CAD imports in projects with Revit Line work. Additionally, you can create the traced lines within Revit Families either as Symbolic Lines or Model lines (depending on Family Template used).

CADTracer allows users to map Revit Line Styles with CAD Layers thereby achieving precise control of Line Weights and Line Styles. This tool can be used to convert 3D imports to 2D Line work and vice versa.

CADTracer is an ideal means to convert CAD blocks to Revit Families. If used as the first step of the Family-creation process, you can have a working version (as far as plan representation is concerned) of a Revit Family with hardly any effort.

  • Layer Mapping: Running the command 'CADTracer' launches the Layer Mapping Window. This Window not only allows the user to map existing Revit Project Line Styles found in the CAD Import, but also allows the user to specify if he or she would like to trace using Revit Lines in the project, or, create a separate Family with the Trace and then load the family into the project.
  • Model and Symbolic Lines: The panel on the right of the Mapping Window allows the user to specify if he or she wants to trace using 'Model' (3D) or 'Detail (2D) lines for the Trace. Controls for specifying if the Trace needs to be encapsulated within a family and the Family Template to be used for creating the Family are also available in this panel.
  • Tracing: The user can select 'Trace in Project' or 'Trace in Family' at the bottom right corner of the Mapping Window to execute the command.
  • Corner Cases: In a situation when the user requires the CADTracer to create Symbolic Lines in a Model Family Template, CADTracer displays a warning advising the user to save the Project before proceeding. Alternatively, the user can choose to create Model Lines within this Family and then proceed to convert the Model Lines to Symbolic Lines by editing the Family created by CADTracer.
  • If a Family is created and loaded into a project by CADTracer, the family is assigned the name of the import. If the user tries to trace another copy of the same import, CADTracer will use the family that was created first rather than re-creating the family with revised settings if any.
  • Saving and Sharing Presets: The CADTracer allows users to save the Layer Mapping assignments to an external *.JSON file. This can be used to trace imports that have similar layer standards repeatedly, or to share layer mapping definitions between users.

About This Version
Version 1.0.0, 4/12/2016
Initial Release

The free CADTracer add-in is brought to you by SpiceTools Technologies. It's priced at 29.99 USD.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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