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What's Hot in Revit Add-ons for December 2015 - March 2016

I was a little surprised by by how long it's been since it put up one of these "monthly" posts. Suffice to say, things have been a little busy in my world lately.

Since it has been so long, I've included nearly a dozen add-in related posts that performed the highest over the past 4 months.

Statistically, the Kubity Exporter was the clear high performer with a fair drop off between it and the second highest charting post. From there, the next ten were grouped together relatively closely. The relative stats are reflected in the form of orange pie charts to the right of the product logos.

Free Kubity Exporter – Revit Models to Virtual Reality with One Click

"This plugin enables the 'Export to Kubity' option in Revit and allows you to seamlessly transfer your models to the new Kubity app. Just click on the Kubity button and your Revit model will open automatically in your browser in just a few seconds."

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Free Sweets Add-in – Download Free Manufacturer Content and Annotate it with ProductTag

"The Sweets™ app for Revit streamlines product selection, improves project documentation and allows in-project search, selection and annotation (tagging) for products. No more typing in manufacturer product info, no more errors, and no more leaving the project to find detailed product information."

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FormIt 360 Major Update – Gets Windows Desktop App, and Dynamo!

"The greatest release of FormIt 360! Formit on Windows, FormIt on iPad Pro, FormIt and Dynamo, Monotone style, and a Mirror tool?! YES YOU CAN TOO! These are but a few of the many enhancements waiting for you."

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Water System Calculations Add-in

"The Water System Calculations add-in is providing three key features: conducts flow calculations according to DIN 1988-W308 norm, frequently used in Europe, calculates pressure loss on critical path and shows critical path for Domestic Water System or Hydrant System, and filters creation to display colored critical path in 3D"

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Free Polantis API – In-App Access to Free Revit Content

"The Polantis application permits a direct connection from Autodesk® Revit® to a huge object and texture database hosted on dedicated servers and in the cloud, all in .rvt and .rfa formats."

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ExportMaster for Revit – JT

From the Autodesk App Store...

The ExportMaster for Autodesk® Revit® - JT® has the following features:
  • Exports Revit models (B-Rep) into JT (.jt) file.
  • Supports colors.
  • Provides translation options such as Write Out Point Bodies, Write B-Rep Data, JT Faceting Options, etc.

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Bluebeam Revu 2016 Features Revit Plugin Enhancements

Bluebeam has released Revu 2016, and it includes the following enhancements to the Bluebeam Revit plugin.
  • Rooms can be exported to spaces for easier markup tracking
  • Area measurement markups can be added to rooms during export
  • Materials are handled more elegantly, including material colors when creating 3D PDFs
  • Section boxes are honored when creating 3D PDFs

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Archetris Schema Plugin – Programming, Stacking, Blocking and Space Planning

"Archetris Schema is a cloud-based app developed by architects for architects to support early stage design tasks. Schema has modules for Programming, Stacking, Blocking and Space Planning allowing designers and planners to focus on the specific task at hand with tools specific to that task. The Schema integrates with Autodesk® Revit® via a plugin available on the app store and the Archetris website."

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CTC BIM Project Suite 2016.0.5 Released

On February 23, The CAD Technology Center released version 2016.0.5 of their popular BIM Project Suite. In addition to several new features, this update also included a new tool, Schedule Parameter Resolver.

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Free 3DWarehouse-For-Revit – Use SketchUp 3D Warehouse Content in Revit

"The plug-in enables Revit users to browse SketchUp® 3D Warehouse and supports bidirectional data exchange between live Revit sessions and SketchUp 3D Warehouse."

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Quick Collision Check Add-in

"This application is useful when you need to quickly check pipeline collision. By using these commands, you can easily check the location of the collision in the pipeline, and mark them.

"Revit project is usually very large so, viewing the elements may not be convenient. We also provide a set of view tool commands. You can create a part 3D view and, also view the floor."

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