Tuesday, April 12, 2016

View Filter Manager

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This application makes it easier and faster to change the filters in an entire project.

The order of the filters in a view is very important. With this application you don't have to manually move filters up or down in every view. You can easily reorganize filters in every view/view template in the entire project using an option to keep the order of filters when copying. That way you can keep your view filters consistently organized throughout the project.

To make use of filters/project parameters you have to assign them to categories. If a filter seems to not work, then with this application you can easily check which categories the filters/project parameters are NOT assigned to and find out if there are any discrepancies.

With a combination of available options one can:
  • Copy filters only, without overrides.
  • Copy filters and their overrides.
  • Copy overrides only.

  • Copy view filters and/or view filter overrides to different views/view templates in bulk.
  • Copy view filter overrides between filters within the same view/view template in bulk.
  • Limit the number of views displayed in a list by view type (plan, section, elevation, etc.).
  • Choose which override(s) will be copied.
  • Choose if view filters that are not present in destination view should be copied or not, this option prevents adding new filters to a view if you are only interested in copying overrides of existing filters, you do not have to know if a given filters exists in a destination view or not.
  • Automatically preserve position of filters after they are copied, feature that saves a lot of time and eliminates user errors).
  • Automatically reposition copied view filters in views/view templates.
  • Reposition view filters before they are copied, the feature is helpful when filters in a destination view should be positioned differently and you don't want to alter actual position of filters in a source view, even temporarily.
  • Save a list of view filters for further use (see: Import).
  • Import a list of view filters to copy (e.g if you want to copy overrides of the same set of filters over and over).
  • Find categories that view filters and/or project parameters are not assigned to, the report will be saved to a file
  • Easily review filters assigned to views/view templates in one window.

Other features (for user's convenience):
  • Check All / Check None / Collapse All / Expand All buttons.
  • Checked items in a list of filters/project parameters are remembered within a session when switching between filters and project parameters.
  • Count of items / checked items for views/view templates/view filters/project parameters is displayed.
  • To give you a visual feedback what sorting method is currently used in a list of view filters, the yellow frame is displayed around a list when alphabetical (default) or custom sorting is used. Additionally, text is Italic. When you decide to use sorting by Visibility/Graphics Filters tab of a view/view template, this frame is not displayed.
  • Dialog is resizable.

The Main dialog box

Sorting method

Report about filters' missing categories. It is possible to test parameters' categories too.

About This Version
Version 1.0, 3/3/2016
Initial release

The View Filter Manager add-in is brought to you by "Pracownia Architektoniczna "Artejon" Andrzej Jeż" and is priced at 15.00 USD. There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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