Friday, February 23, 2018

What's Hot in Revit Add-ons for February 2018

Here on Revit Add-ons, with What's Hot, at about the middle of each month, we take a look back at the preceding month to see which posts published during the month received the most pageviews.

We published 58 posts in January 2018, and received 53,708 pageviews for our efforts.

In our previous What's Hot article, Ryan Cameron of Architect Machines had the top two performing posts with Dynamo Templates and Cost Analysis Dynamo Script, respectively. This time, Ryan again scored the top spot with Dynamo Program Checker QA Review, as well as placing two others in the top 10, Dynamo Building Program Generator and Using Dynamo to Create Room Length and Width Parameters w/Tags, at #6 and 7 respectively. Impressive! We've got to get more of his stuff up this month so his work can go for the three-peat... 😊

Who doesn't like free stuff? (The US government for one, but that's another story...). Free add-ins owned the #2, 3, 4 and 9 spots with Purge CAD, Autodesk Enhanced DWG Exporter for Revit, CTB Link v1.1.0, and rvt2skp v2.0 respectively.

Our 2017 Year in Review article, somewhat surprisingly, continued to perform well, charting at #5.

During February, we posted a series of articles about VisionRez's products. One of them, VisionREZ Architecture for Residential Design, charted at #8.

Last but not least, an update to one of our favorite apps, with an excellent cost vs. benefit ratio, charted at #10: Bonus Tools v20.17.12.12, which now features 119 tools.

  1. Dynamo Program Checker QA Review by Ryan Cameron of Architect Machines
  2. Free Purge CAD by BIMODEL
  3. Free Autodesk Enhanced DWG Exporter for Revit by Autodesk, Inc.
  4. Free CTB Link v1.1.0 by Efficient BIM
  5. 2017 – Year in Review
  6. Dynamo Building Program Generator by Ryan Cameron of Architect Machines
  7. Using Dynamo to Create Room Length and Width Parameters w/Tags by Ryan Cameron of Architect Machines
  8. VisionREZ Architecture for Residential Design by Alpine
  9. Free rvt2skp v2.0 by Kubity
  10. Bonus Tools v20.17.12.12 – Features 10 New Tools, 119 Total by KiwiCodes

Congratulations and thanks to all the content originators!

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