Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tower Generator with Dynamo Studio

From the Architect Machines website:

Tower Generator (D.Studio + Power BI)

By Ryan Cameron

Welcome to the latest machine. Tower Generator.  Download the Architect Machines package and plugin your variables such as length, width, lot size, number of floors and height of floors.  Currently version 2018.2.12 of the package runs two use types: Commercial (lower) and Office (upper).  You will need integer sliders and a few code blocks.  Color parameters are up to you!

Data generated from this automated tool are:

Area per Floor, Total Bldg Height, Exterior surfaces 1, 2, 3, 4 (you decide cardinal directions), auto-complete elevator sizing and count, count of floors, and slenderness ratio as a decimal.

You will need to “re-connect” all the excel links both in the Dynamo Studio file and the Power BI template.  The blank background image is included in the .zip download file.  Also, the lower right corner is left open for you to add your own information to the file! Good luck and have fun!

The download is available on the Architect Machines website.

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