Tuesday, July 2, 2019

HoloBuilder v1.8 for BIM 360

From the Autodesk App Store:

HoloBuilder provides the fastest and most reliable site documentation workflow for construction teams around the world to capture and share 360° pictures of construction sites or buildings.

Project teams can manage, share and collaborate with 360° pictures in the cloud which results in time savings and improved communication among project stakeholders. HoloBuilder integrates with Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs and Field Management Next Gen for document and issue management. The team play of BIM 360 Docs and Field Management Next Gen with HoloBuilder combines the 360° reality capture workflow with the powerful document and issue management.

Users have the option to sign into HoloBuilder with their Autodesk BIM 360 credentials. Users can connect floor plans and pictures managed in BIM 360 Docs and integrate them directly into HoloBuilder projects without having to download them first. All floor plans can be accessed directly within the HoloBuilder project at any time. Once 360º images are captured within HoloBuilder, the user can create BIM 360 Field Management Next Gen issues directly within these scenes in the Web Editor. The created issues can be accessed both, inside HoloBuilder as well as BIM 360 Field Management. All issues can be managed in BIM 360 Field Management with each BIM 360 Field Management issue containing a link to the HoloBuilder 360º image for visualization.

0b. Disconnect your BIM 360 project from your HoloBuider project.

1. Open the Upload menu to add more assets or connect to a BIM 360 project.

2. Switch to the BIM 360 tab in the Upload menu
to connect and access your BIM 360 Project.

4 Info to connect your HoloBuilder project and BIM 360 project.

5 Choose a BIM 360 project to connect your HoloBuilder project to.

6. Browse your BIM 360 folders from within HoloBuilder to add assets.

7. Import an asset from BIM 360 to HoloBuilder.

8. Choose how you would like to import your
asset from BIM 360 Docs to HoloBuilder.

9a. Add an asset from BIM 360 directly as a sheet to your HoloBuilder project.

Import sheets/floorplan from BIM360 docs

10. Create a BIM 360 Field Next Gen issue in HoloBuilder
as markup and sync it with your BIM 360 account.

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About This Version

Version 1.8, 6/27/2019 – Updated version
  • Issues are now created as markups and can be used more individually to highlight the specific area directly in the 360-scene.
  • With the markup list, BIM 360 Field Next Gen issues can easily be managed and searched for within HoloBuilder.
  • More details are now available to configure the issues.
  • BIM 360 projects can now be easily disconnected from the HoloBuilder project from within HoloBuilder in your Account's Integrations Settings.
  • When switching a sheet or 360 image, this can now also be imported directly from your BIM 360 Docs integration.

HoloBuilder is brought to you by HoloBuilder Inc. While the add-in is free, pricing for the HoloBuilder service was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Field Management.

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