Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What was Hot on Revit Add-ons in May 2019

Here on Revit Add-ons, with What's Hot, at about the middle of each month, we look back at the preceding month to see which new posts received the most pageviews. Presently though, we're playing catch up with posts to cover February through May, 2019.

In May 2019 we published 56 posts. For our efforts, we received 60,033 pageviews.

Warning Manager topped the list for the month. Other new add-in related posts that made our shortlist were Smart Unhide Elements at #2, Place Views on Sheets at #4, Replicate Legend/View on Sheets at #6, glTF Exporter at #7, and Interior Designer at #8.

Update-related add-ins that made the cut were My Notebook v2.1 at #3, Auto Numbering v2.0 at #5, and IFC 2019 v19.2 at #9.

Here's the list of this month's shortlisted posts, along with the add-in/content originators, with links:
  1. Warning Manager from Cherry BIM Services
  2. Smart Unhide Elements for Autodesk® Revit® from PROISAC-BIM-VDC
  3. Free My Notebook for Autodesk® Revit® v2.1 from Forgify Software LLC
  4. Place Views on Sheets from BIM SOFT SOLUTIONS
  5. Auto Numbering v2.0 from DIGITTECK
  6. Free Replicate Legend/View on Sheets from Corentin Gartner
  7. glTF Exporter from Griffel Studio
  8. Interior Designer – Create Decoration Models Quickly from eRevit Software
  9. Free IFC 2019 v19.2 from Autodesk, Inc.

Thanks and congratulations to the content originators!

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