Friday, September 10, 2021

Free Webinar September 16 — BIMxt Network - Revit Add-ins with Ehsan Iran-Nejad (pyRevit) and Jason Kunkel

From the announcement:

BIMxt Network - Revit Add-Ins

Online Network · September 16, 2021 · 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET · Online · Free

The BIMxt Network brings together experts and practitioners using building models to discuss pertinent issues of the day. This month, we'll be discussing Revit Add-Ins with Ehsan Iran-Nejad and Jason Kunkel.

We will hear from the following experts:

Ehsan Iran-Nejad

How to pyRevit Python is simple. Revit is powerful. Ehsan will explore the power of scripting for Revit, specifically in python, and the vast amount of power that is hidden under the Revit’s user interface that could be harnessed using simple programs, tailored to support your specific workflows. Ehsan, like you, is a tinkerer and maker. Curiosity is his power; and making things better, his purpose. With many years of experience as an Architect designing spaces, he now spends his time getting better at Architecting software at McNeel. His main focus is supporting the integration of Rhino/Grasshopper ecosystem into Revit.

Jason Kunkel

Making an add-in for Revit can be a lot like a design and construction project. Having been part of numerous teams responsible for many Revit add-ins, Jason will go through the highlights of conceptualizing, designing, building, testing, and rolling out a Revit add-in.

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