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icheck for Building – Accessibility [CBC]

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icheck for Building® – Accessibility [CBC] is an intelligent solution to check Autodesk® Revit® BIM model for accessibility code compliance according to the 2019 California Building Code (CBC). The solution checks the BIM model according to Chapter 11B : Accessibility to Public Buildings, Public Accommodations, Commercial Buildings and Public Housing.

This plug-in, installed on Revit, performs the automatic verification of the conformity of the project under design. Enabling users to easily anticipate non-conformities in their mock-ups, the plug-in helps to avoid additional costs and time delays due to design non-conformities.

More than a tool, it is about integrating the business expertise and BIM know-how of Bureau Veritas to serve the collaborative working method necessary for the success of a BIM project.

Automatic check

To check the accessibility requirement involves understanding the building design, measuring geometrical parameters, and understanding its relationship with other design components. The plug-in has an innovative way to understand the BIM model and check the code requirements in an autonomous way. “Prepare BIM model > Detect spaces and objects > Select rules > Check compliance” are four easy steps to check your BIM design.

Naming server

Preparing the BIM model for checking accessibility requirements is a critical activity. The plug-in expects default parameters, values, and tags. Many times, you or your organization might be following different practices for BIM modeling. Naming server helps you integrate those “custom-standard” practices in the plug-in. So, no need to modify your existing BIM model, just inform the plug-in about it and it behaves as if it is designed for your organization's standards.

Share compliance results

Building design is a collaborative effort and so does make it compliant with accessibility requirements. Plug-in does a deep analysis of your design; information provided in the model and generates a compliance / non-compliance result. Any non-compliant design may need collaboration between different teams. The result generated by the plug-in can be exported in BCF and CSV (Excel compatible) files which can be used to do collaborative design modifications.

Intuitive workflow and user interface

Checking rule compliance is a complicated process. Bureau Veritas has years of experience in this domain and knows what are the most critical and time-consuming steps in the process. The plug-in workflow and user interface are designed based on the actual process followed by our engineers. You will experience that nothing has changed in your compliance checking workflow, it has just become much easier.

Help documents

The plug-in comes with comprehensive help documents including a user guide and model preparation guide. These help documents contain many illustrative images about preparing your BIM model and using the plug-in. The plug-in also contains various sample projects, and tutorial guides. These sample projects and step-by-step tutorials will get you started quickly with the plug-in.

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App Workflow

App Interface

Create Account

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Computer authentication

Ask support

Give feedback

Plug-in help

Naming server

Custom names


Identify spaces and objects

Spaces tab

Highlight element

Rules tab

Rule details

Rule details

Model preparation guide

Check tab

Rule inputs

Rule inputs

Rule exceptions

Rule exceptions

Rule compliance results

Rule non-compliance results

Viewing compliance results – 3D

Viewing non-compliance results – 3D

Viewing compliance results – 2D

Filter results

Spaces and objects result view

Export results

Trial Description

You can use the full functionality FREE trial version of the plug-in for 3 months. Taking the trial does not need any payment information and can be activated from the plug-in in just 5 minutes. To activate the trial : “Install plugin > Create icheck for Building account > Activate trial”. icheck for Building license is issued to a specific user computer. If you wish to change the computer, you can always authenticate the other computer for license use. During the trial period, you can change the computer a maximum of 3 times.

Read Help Document

About This Version

Version 2.0.0, 2/18/2021

This is the first commercial version of icheck for Building – Accessibility [CBC] plug-in. This release checks the Revit BIM model for accessibility code compliance according to the 2019 California Building Code (CBC). The solution checks the BIM model according to Chapter 11B : Accessibility to Public Buildings, Public Accommodations, Commercial Buildings and Public Housing. This release contains :

Account :

  • Create icheck for Building account
  • Forgot password, edit profile, reset password

Help :

  • User guide
  • Model preparation guide
  • Sample projects
  • Online help

Settings :

  • Default highlight element view
  • Default result view

Project :

  • Create and save the project
  • Open project

Naming server :

  • Default values for room tags, area tags and family type name 
  • Adding custom values
  • Import, export and reset naming server data

Rule compliance check :

  • Create and assign building facility category
  • Detect spaces and objects from Revit BIM model
  • Linked spaces and objects
  • Search for spaces and objects
  • Select and highlight the spaces and objects
  • Search rules
  • Rule details
  • Filtering rules based on facility category and selected spaces and objects
  • Search and select rules
  • Provide exceptions and manual inputs for checking the rules
  • Display compliance and non-compliance results
  • Filter results
  • Highlight non-compliance results in Revit graphics window
  • Display results on selected spaces and object
  • Export report in BCF and CSV file

Publisher Privacy Policy

icheck for Building – Accessibility [CBC] is brought to you by Bureau Veritas North America. Pricing was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

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