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Autonomous HVAC CFD — Converts Building Models to “CFD Computational Models”

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The application converts the real building model to the “CFD computational model” autonomously and does not need any CFD expertise or prior CFD knowledge. 

AHC is a cloud-based CFD SaaS product that generates accurate CFD results without any CFD inputs asked from the user. CFD model is built automatically while creating the BIM configuration using an in-build BIM designer.  Users can define design configurations and scenarios and quickly do a design exploration to estimate thermal comfort for each situation. The product is validated against many test cases.

App is powered by Autodesk® Forge. Revit IO powers the BIM model creation. We will be also supporting Autodesk Revit import and export in the upcoming version

Create Project

Create Building Design Model - Building Details

Create Building Design Model - Material Library

Create Building Design Model - Site Location of Building

BIM Designer - Sketch Floor Plan

Create Airside System

Air Supply Component Library

BIM Model in Forge Viewer

Create Design Configuration - HVAC System

Create Design Configuration - Thermal Zoning

Create Scenario - Simulation Day

Simulation Results - Thermal Comfort Index


Trial Description

Autonomous HVAC CFD App Trial

You need to visit the Autonomous HVAC CFD app details page 

Click on the Join Early Access button. It will redirect to the login page if you already have an account with simulationHub. Otherwise one needs to sign up with few details. After signing in, you need to fill an Early Access Request Form with details about the HVAC Project you want to try out and it will automatically activate the subscription with one click of submit button.

Once you activate the subscription by clicking on the Join Early Access button, you will get simulation credits worth $500 and validity for 90 days. You can explore the product and estimate thermal comfort for a space of 5000 square foot area.

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About This Version

Version 1.0, 9/27/2021

AHC Early Access

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Autonomous HVAC CFD is brought to you by Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech). Price was not known at press time.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2022.

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