Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Browse and Manage Revit Families with BIMlist

The next generation in Revit family browsing is here. BIMlist is a Revit family browser that makes organizing, locating, and inserting Revit families fast and easy. Advanced search functionality and administrative controls make BIMlist the most sought after Revit family browser available today.

Quickly Locate and Insert Families

The days of fumbling through network directories to locate Revit families by name are over. BIMlist enables users to locate Revit families with lightning speed. Sort and group your Revit families for logical organization, then browse to the desired family to preview and insert it into your project. Or use the advanced search capabilities to query the data contained within the families to find the specific type of family you are looking for.

Advanced Search Functionality

Rapidly locate the desired content with BIMlist's advanced search functionality. Locate families by searching for specific parameter names and values, and use filters to narrow the search results. Search across tabs, groups, and categories. Use reverse filters for even more precise search results:

Administrative Controls

BIMlist is the only family browser that has robust administrator controls. Now you can ensure company standards are being followed and control access to content for the end users. Now you can add or remove families as desired to give proper accessibility to different groups of end users. Standardize tabs, layout, content, and types to make sure the right users have access to the right content at all times.

Up to Date Content

If you delete a family from your network BIMlist will update automatically. Likewise, if you add a familiy to a network directory, all corresponding groupings in BIMlist are updated instantly. Changes to existing families are immediately synidacted to your BIMlist users.

Easy Setup

Installation takes seconds, and the setup is seamless. After BIMlist is installed simply create a new tab, select a folder containing content from your computer, a network location, or internet address, and BIMlist will do the rest.

Users of Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP will realize tremendous time savings when using BIMlist. The location and insertion of Revit families into projects has never been this easy.

There's more information available on the BIMlist product website.

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