Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interactive Cloud-Based Rendering with Stadia

Stadia enables architects to generate interactive renderings straight from Revit model data.

Finally, digital representation emerges as a tool of iterative design.

Blazing Fast Performance

Stadia uses patent-pending technology to generate sixty images every second (twice the speed of film) at full HD resolution for a smooth and immersive experience.

Unadulterated Revit

Stadia handles custom materials, complex geometry, and in-house families with no extra effort.

Incredible Lighting Simulation

Reflection, refraction, color bleeding, soft shadows, and color temperature are all realistically simulated from data in the revit model.

Present with Confidence

Design reviews depend so much on effective representation. An interactive rendering encourages clear and meaningful discussion.

Cloud Powered

That means interactive renderings in minutes, and you can keep working the whole time. Tools should never slow you down.

Share Away

Sharing is as easy as forwarding an email. Anyone can download and run the interactive rendering without installing a thing. It just works.

Monthly pricing:

  • 1-25 people: $490/month
  • 26-75 people: $720/month
  • 75+ people: $980/month

More information is available on the Stadia website.

Credit: RevitOpEd.

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