Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manage Revit Families with familyManager from familit

With the Revit familyManager, a tool is available, which saves the users from time consuming searches.

All families, whether local or in the network, can be gathered and managed. A clearly arranged dialogue Layout arranges all that important information, the available family types as well as image viewer and 3D viewer for families converted into dwf files are at a glance.

familyManager runs as an application under Revit Architecture/MEP/Structural. Using double click, families can be opened for editing directly from the familyManager or imported using drag&drop in actual projects. Also individual types from the type list can be downloaded und be put directly into the actual project being used. The existing Revit 'Load From Library' function can be substantially optimized with the adoption of familyManager, furthermore it is possible to quickly establish new types. Revit familyManager includes multi converter for Revit files turning them into DWF format. This way is the user being offered a possibility to access families in perfectly detailed 3D view.

In addition Revit Objects Browser is included. Now you can quickly find out asked elements and change parameter values.

NEW: Executable version of familyManager that runs without Revit.

Key Features:

  • Organization of Revit Families in a clearly arranged browser structure
  • Application of Favourites for quick location of frequently used Families
  • Direct downloading of families and family types in the already opened Revit project
  • Comfortable insertion of new family types directly into FamilyManager
  • Access into online libraries via direct Weblinks
  • Simple view, measure, print and mark up of families using Autodesk® Design Review (after converting RFA into DWF format)

There's more information available on the familit website.

Credit: aec-apps.

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