Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Room & Door Renumbering Add-in from CTC (Updated)

Renumbering within Revit Architecture software made easy.

Renumbering rooms and doors within Revit Architecture can be a tedious and frustrating process. This free tool from CTC makes the process easy.

Room Renumbering

Now you can quickly and easily renumber your rooms in an alphanumeric sequence. This tool allows the user to define the numbering sequence, and does not randomly auto-number like other tools. Revit Renumbering is customizable and allows you to add separators and suffixes to the room number format. The auto-swapping feature will ensure there are no duplicate room numbers. The status text will display the next room number in sequence so the user can monitor the changes. The user can also undo individual room numbers.

Door Renumbering

Now you have the choice to either number doors sequentially, or number them based on the room data. The sequential option numbers doors independent of the room number, and the tool remembers the previous door's number and will maintain the proper sequence on subsequent doors. Room-based door numbering permits auto-numbering using the “From Room” and “To Room” property of the selected door. Revit Renumbering automatically clears the door memory at the end of the Revit session, or allows the user to clear the memory with the simple click of a button.

For more information, visit CAD Technology Center's product page.

Update: This tool has been rolled into CTC's BIM Project Suite as one of the free tools.


  1. there is no download thing in this website even after i created an account!

    1. This is an old post Mahmoud. To get this tool, you'll want to download the trial version of the BIM Project Suite. I hope this helps.