Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sumex Parameter Manager

Since 2005, Sumex Design has been at the forefront of developing AEC content, from specifications, to CAD files, to Revit components; we have created 8000+ Revit Families for over 300 manufacturers and successfully implemented BIM into their AEC toolboxes.  BIM is as much about data as it is about graphics.

Being specifiers as well as seasoned content developers, we understand that a critical part of implementing BIM is processing the information in the model.  Without a painless strategy for data management, the widespread adoption of new BIM standards becomes an uphill battle. At Sumex Design, we’re sharing our expertise and techniques with the world, by creating data management tools.

We know you have options, and that you’re already spending enough for your software every year, so we’re keeping costs low.  At $249.00 USD, the Sumex Parameter Manager will add invaluable new functionality to your current workflow and save you countless hours of time processing, updating and organizing your BIM library.

What the SPM Does:

The Sumex Parameter Manager allows a Revit user to Add, Remove and Replace parameters in Revit Families in bulk. This means no more opening, modifying, saving and closing every family one at a time to add the attributes. Not only does it allow for updating families in bulk, but leverages “Schemas” that can assign specific attributes based on specific criteria.

Whether you want to add parameters to your Revit project categories, the families loaded in a project, or your entire family library, the Sumex Parameter Manager has the ability to manipulate parameters in both projects and families

Why Sumex Design built the SPM:

Without consistency and standardization, project information contained in a model is often rendered worthless, as schedules cannot be accurately created, the level of information is unpredictable, and data exports are unreliable.

Inserting and managing project and product data within Autodesk Revit has long been overlooked due to the difficulty in organizing attributes (parameters) in the individual objects (families). In all likelihood, your library is a combination of three typical content sources: Revit objects created in-house, those outsourced to content creators, and others that are downloaded them from libraries like ARCAT or Revit City. Since each source has their own strategy for organizing and naming parameters, there is no uniformity of the data throughout your office content library.

A major benefit of using BIM over CAD software is the ability to manage project information. This is not limited to the design, but the construction and maintenance of a building as well. Standardizing parameters throughout your library makes data access and retrieval painless. Schedules line up, data exports cleanly, and building products and design options can be compared effortlessly.

There's more information on the Sumex Parameter Manager product website.


Unknown said...

I had also realized that in the process, impementation of the file was going to be cumbersome due to the method by which Revit sorts Parameters.
In a Revit Shared Parameter file, parameters can only be grouped once, with no further subgroupings available. In the real world, there is so much more that is needed in order to sort and organize the attributes within projects.Does anyone know if there is a plug in that will allow me to add multiple shared parameters into a project, rather than haveing to do it one ant a time? angelina

Tim Grimm said...

Angelina: You might want to contact the developer of Sumex Parameter Manager and ask him if his product does what you want, or if he can point you to one that does. Good luck!

Robert Weygant said...

The SPM will do exactly as you are looking for angelinalove. It will add parameters to both projects and families in batch, as well as allow you to develop schemas which give you the flexibility to manage entire content libraries with the minimum amount of effort. It's a free trial, so feel free to check it out at no risk:

Robert Weygant
President, Sumex Design