Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indigo for Revit

Push button simplicity

By integrating directly with the Revit interface, Indigo for Revit is totally user-friendly, providing a simple, easy to use interface without compromising on options or features. It provides automatic, intelligent conversion of materials while enabling the user to adjust and fine-tune manually. Producing impressive architectural visuals is easy with Indigo; the process mirrors real-world photography with nearly identical results. No other software is required - just hit the render button!

Unrivaled realism

A superior unbiased renderer, Indigo for Revit uses cutting-edge techniques, efficiently rendering images without the approximations commonly found in other rendering systems. Using spectral colour throughout, from the physically-based sky model to the reflective properties of materials, Indigo for Revit is capable of producing the most photorealistic images available.

Glass engineers currently use Indigo to assist them in material design; this same powerful engine is now available for Revit.

Effortless Networking

Harness the power of your IT network to drastically accelerate the rendering process. With the addition of Indigo node licenses, you can distribute the workload across multiple computers, exploiting spare processing power. Simply start network render, and all available nodes will begin lending a hand!

There's more information available on the Indigo for Revit website.

Credit: Michael Ruehr's RevitworX blog.

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