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The SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS are a number of free Tools for Autodesk Revit Structure with the help of which the efficiency can be increased with the development plan by up to 50%.

The BiMTOOLS be released in stages. Each planned 2 functions in a 3 week cycles is to be released. The final release of all functionalities is planned for September 2011.

The SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS contain the following features:

Drawing Template / Template Project (Vetting)

The existing standard drawing template has been adapted to German drawing standards. It has been realized as new concepts and view adjustments made ​​in the name of the existing families in the template.

Family templates / template-Family (Vetting)

The existing families were re-arranged and adapted to the above described drawing template. Among others were brought to drawing units, dimension types and text types in a consistent format.

Assistant to replace fonts (Vetting)

This tool can project all labeling elements such as text, dimensions, beams, columns and wall labels are adjusted in one step and changed within a Revit. Filter functions allow accurate selection of the desired label text. The tool works across multiple projects, saving such as converting a lot of time at the drawing standards.

Readout of coordinates (Vetting)

This automatically creates a list of insertion points of certain components. This allows the simple staking on the site. Here both the values ​​are read out of the project coordinate system and the global system and exported to other systems for further processing.

Generate component views (Vetting)
For more complex models, components are often skewed in space and the derivation of an orthogonal view is quite challenging. This tool helps in a very simple manner required views of the building or a component derived independently of their orientation in space

Assign a position number (Vetting)

This allows the same components are assigned to a single item number. Different categories can be assigned a prefix and the sequence of numbers is defined. The format of numbering is flexible and can be controlled include, for example information from the levels in the item number with.

Family generator (Vetting)

This tool helps you quickly create bar charts and supports families. After setting the shape and material creates the corresponding generator of the family within the family directly Projektes.Die families are designed to "communicate" with the static modules can SOFiSTiK and support the smooth transition from design to compute a perfect match.

Automatically dimension (Vetting)

These functions can floor plans, circuit diagrams, etc. dimensioned sections are very fast and efficiently. Maßpunkte no longer have to individually clicked but can be automatically integrated with the dimension line on a preliminary definition of the embedded objects. The supplied Bemaßungssets cover the need of standards of practice but it has largely from.

(Translated from German by Google Translate.)

These free tools are available for download from this website.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

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