Monday, December 23, 2013

Dynamo 0.6.2 Released (11/26/13)

What's new in the Dynamo 0.6.2 build:
  • New Samples and updated documentation
  • Visualization
    • Increased speed of display
    • Background Preview elements highlight when nodes are selected
    • Selection of Solids in background highlights nodes
    • Resizable Watch 3d windows
    • Point and Curve numbering available in node right click "Show Label"
  • Geometric Operations
    • More forgiving inputs for Solid Geometry creation
    • Solid Primitives: Boxes, Cylinder, Sphere, Torus
    • extraction of Data from Revit elements.  Use Get Family Location to get single origin location from regular families and all placement points from panels and adaptive components.
    • XYZ and Vector improvements:  Normalize, Dot product, components, polar and spherical coordinates.  Extract Transform Basis for x, y, and z vector components. XYZ by distance offset from origin.
    • Curve Plane Intersection
    • transform origin node
    • plane from reference plane.
    • line by start point direction and length
  • General User Interface and Navigation improvements
    • Drag and Drop dyn files into canvas to open
    • Mouse-less navigation
    • No limit to the size of canvas
    • Preview data bubbles on nodes
    • Browser reorganization
    • Search Improvements
  • Other new nodes and node enhancements
    • List handling.  Most nodes now can take lists and lists of lists.  In the past, many nodes needed data to be flattened.  Now nodes will inspect their input and automatically dig deeper into the contents to find the data they need.
      RaaS - Cloud based Daylighting Analysis.  More on this later, but we now how the infrastructure to execute cloud based daylighting analysis, retrieve the data and drive it back into the model.
    • Added an interval node to Web Request
    • Equal can now compare all data types
    • Updates to Arduino. Use delimiter instead of new lines.
    • Get Family Location now takes single origin and multi-pick placement families
    • Asin, Acos, Atan
    • Wall and Floor Creation nodes.  WARNING!  Recreated, not modified on change.
    • integer slider
    • STL export (from file menu)
    • Default values added to many nodes
    • Separate nodes for solid boolean operations

There's more information available on Zach Kron's Buildz blog.

Download the latest build of Dynamo here.

Credit: Zach Kron's Buildz blog.

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