Monday, December 23, 2013

Free XYZ Family In & Out Macros for Revit

In my final post of a long evening, I finish up my coverage of Paolo Emilio Serra's Point Revit blog. Paolo has been a busy, busy bee, cranking out some very interesting free macros for the Revit community in only a couple of months.

Paolo has created a couple of XYZ macros, one to export the coordinates of selected single-point families to a CSV file. It can also be used to update the positions of the families in Revit after the CSV file has been modified, so it offers "in & out" functionality.

The second does the same thing except, if I'm reading it right, factors the location of the Survey Base Point into the equation.

Paolo's initial post on this topic, featuring an export macro only, is here.

He added the In & Out functionality here.

Lastly, Paolo added the site consideration here.

What this series of my posts regarding Paolo Emilio Serra's Point Revit blog has reminded me is that I need to get up to date on what Harry Mattison has been doing on his Boost Your BIM blog, and what Jeremy Tammik has been posting about on his The Building Coder blog.

Oi vey...