Monday, December 23, 2013

Free View Depth Override Macro for Revit now Supports 3D Views

I first posted about Paolo Emilio Serra's View Depth Override macro back on October 27, 2013 here. Back then it was only for 2D views, and I thought it was pretty darned cool. Since then, Paolo has continued to work on the macro and now has it working in 3D views.

Yes, it's pretty darned cool.

This macro continues to evolve on Paolo's Point Revit blog so here's a link for all articles relating to the View Depth Override macro, including the source code!


Paolo Emilio Serra said...

Thank you Tim!

Tim Grimm said...

You're welcome Paolo!

Paolo Emilio Serra said...

Hi here's an update: an external command that runs on both 2D and 3D views: