Sunday, March 2, 2014

BCF Manager: BIM Collaboration for ArchiCAD and Revit

From the KUBUS website...

Never lose sight of BIM issues again

KUBUS offers BIM for both Design & Build within the Benelux region (Europe). As a Gold Partner of Solibri, Inc., and the exclusive distributor for Graphisoft, we promote OpenBIM and IFC workflow solutions.

The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) plug-ins for Revit and ArchiCAD provide an efficient collaboration workflow for BIM. This approach enables issues found by one teammember to be easily located by another to solve. Communicating issues between people working with the same BIM authoring tools (like Revit or ArchiCAD) or from model checking software (like Solibri or BIMsight) to the BIM authoring software. Review solutions, follow mark-ups, or provide feedback.

New version optimizes teamwork

Improved workflow

When using BCF Managers within your design team, you will appreciate the new functions. Improve your workflow by assigning issues to responsible team members and by using the new filter to show only issues assigned to you.

Merge BCF files

All team members can work on their issues simultaneous, because BCF files  can be merged anytime. This used to be hard to manage. Issue lists are combined and comments made on the same issue are put in the right historical order by the smart merging functions.

Make Issues on 2D documents

The new version let's you create issues in 2D floorplans, sections, elevations and detail drawings. Even within a 3D ArchiCAD document you can create issues and locate them easily, because every issue opens the right drawing, zoom and position. Usable in applications where 2D documents are part of the BIM like Revit en ArchiCAD.

Improved grip on quality

BCF means Building Collaboration Format and contains information about issues in the model, the status of these issues, the person responsible, recommendations or suggestions, and whether actions are done or not. The KUBUS BCF Manager plug-ins for Revit and ArchiCAD elevates cooperation on BIM to a new level. You will generate fewer errors and you will achieve better communication. The plug-ins are available for all Autodesk Revit versions from 2012 and both Mac and Windows versions of Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 and later.

BCF is part of the OpenBIM initiative of BuildingSMART for the benefit of the whole industry.

There's more information available on the KUBUS website.

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