Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free File Version Reporter Add-in for Revit: Finally, Get a "Do You Want to Upgrade" Alert!

Would you like Revit to ask you if you want to upgrade files rather then the program just doing it? If so, the free File Version Reporter add-in from Boost Your BIM is for you!

In addition to having the opportunity to decline upgrading a file on open, this add-in also allows you to report on the version of a file without opening it, or to report on the versions of all Revit files in a folder.

The Confirm Upgrade message box when opening a file that's in a previous version

Report on a single file without opening it

Report on all files in a folder

This add-in is free and Pay What You Want. Harry Mattison, author of the Boost Your BIM blog, has done some good works for the Revit community, most available for free. I suggest that, if you can, you show Harry some love with a PayPal payment. I will, and I'll show him a little more with his second Revit Add-ons Editor's Choice award. Congratulations Harry, and thank you!

For more information on the free File Version Reporter add-in, see the Boost Your BIM blog.

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Credit: Steve Stafford's Revit OpEd blog.

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