Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SuperDoor Add-in for Revit from CAD Technology Center

CAD Technology Center is excited to announce the release of a new addition to the Revit Express Tools family of products:  The SuperDoor Configuration Tool

This tool provides a graphical wizard interface that guides Revit users through the selection of door components for quickly defining various configurations of very high quality door families and then immediately placing them into the Revit project.

At the heart of the SuperDoor Configuration Tool is a collection of highly parametric Revit Families that allow for mixing and matching frames and panels to create a vast number of possible door combinations.  These families have been available from CTC as a standalone package for over 6 years, and have been proven effective by many firms on all types of projects ranging from homes to hospitals. Building on the past success, CTC's new SuperDoor Configuration Tool makes using these families much easier.

One of the great features of the configuration tool is the ability to add custom content or to change the default behavior of existing content. This allows BIM managers to conform selected configurations to existing company standards.

Network floating licenses, standalone licenses and upgrades are available.

For more information, see the CAD Technology Center website.

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