Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ColorByNumber Add-in for Revit: Color, Isolate & Select by Parameter Value
Color makes the world a better place

ColorByNumber (CbN) is a plug-in for Revit 2014 that makes it super-easy to color, select, and isolate Revit elements based on their parameter values.

Features of ColorByNumber

Color by Revit Parameter

We made it super easy to choose what category and what parameter you want color. Colors are automatically assigned to each unique parameter value. If you don't like our default color algorithm, you can  pick your own colors. Not a problem. You'll never want to use filters again...

Isolate by Revit Parameter

Ever want to isolate Revit elements based on their parameters? Now you can. By selecting parameter values in the CbN dialog, you can isolate those elements with the click of a button

Select by Revit Parameter

We've all used schedules to 'highlight in model'.  Now you don't need to make a new schedule just to select elements based on a parameter. With CbN, just select the parameter values and click the 'select' button. Simple.

The "pre-release trial" version of ColorByNumber is available for free. For more information, see the BIMray website.


sound said...

how to down load trial version

Tim Grimm said...

You should contact the vendor with your question.