Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CGS Revit Tools: Analysis

"This tool set can analyze selected geometry and store calculated values in shared parameter. Tools include dimensions, door swing analysis and room lighting calculations."

Insertion, Length, Thickness

"This is a set of tools for querying element properties such as insertion of specific element, length or thickness of a wall, ect. Properties are defined as shared parameters so the user can easily use it in tags and schedules."

Room Lighting

"The Room Lighting tool enables the user to calculate the volume of lighting for any room. Based on square footage of specific room, this tool calculates illumination as a percentage. It also provides an editable dialogue box where the user can change the name and mark for the room."    

Door Swing

"The Door Swing Manager allows for user defined swing orientation (one-wing left, one-wing right, double door…). This information can then be used in legends and schedules. By changing the position and direction of the door swing in the model, the legend or schedule is automatically updated."

There's more information available on the CGS plus website.

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