Friday, May 16, 2014

CGS Revit Tools: Modify

"This tool set includes tools for creating floors based on selected rooms and tools for easier grid name editing." 

Room to Floor

"One of the most useful tools is Room to Floor which enables the users to automatically generate a floor of a selected type within the selected Room. This command can also join several connecting Floors if multiple Rooms are chosen, or take a door swing into account when generating the shape of the Floor..." 

Edit Grid Name

"Edit Grid Name tool allows users to quickly edit the names of their grids. Edit Grid Name tool indicates the direction of the grids, as well as information about the position of the grids (x, y)."

 Draw Bounding Box

"Draw Bounding Box draws a rectangle around selected elements in an active view. The bounding lines are adaptable and can be changed if necessary. This tool saves time because users can simply select elements and in just one step it is already bounded."

Multi Join

"Multi-Join tool automates Revit's Join Geometry tool by allowing users to join selected categories."

There's more information available on the CGS plus website.

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