Monday, May 5, 2014

CGS Revit Tools: BIM Manager

"The BIM Manager tools enable a user to manage their content.

"The tool set includes best seller, BIM Query, which is an advanced spreadsheet parameter editor for Revit instances and types.

"It also includes functionality like Importing or Exporting families, managing materials, sheets and views."

BIM Query

This tool enables the user to quickly edit Type and Instance properties for selected Categories. The user can edit properties with a built-in spreadsheet editor or save and open in MS Excel. Once the Excel file is updated, you can load it back and apply the changes to Revit model.

The built-in spreadsheet editor includes MS Excel functionality for sorting or filtering parameters. Productivity tools available in the editor include:
  • copy & paste parameter values
  • drag cell values where the tool auto increments values
  • select Material with drop-down control
  • use units for length input (e.g. 1m, 1' 2 1/256")

Multi Type Editor

Multi type editor displays a tree of elements in a project, which can be edited, changed and arranged at the same time.

Sheet/View Manager

With the Sheet Manager tool, users are able to edit the sheet names, numbers, view…. Parameters can be grouped and filtered as needed to enable a better overview of data on the sheets.


With Import the user can harvest all families in a project. The user can choose one, multiple or all families and import them into the current project.


With Export the user can export families into a personal library on their computer. The user can choose one, multiple or all families and export them from the current project.

Edit Materials

The Edit Material tool enables the user to edit all materials in a project. User can change the name, delete all unused or delete selected materials.

Project Cleanup

The Project Cleanup tool provides the ability to create a lightweight file that contains only the views pertinent to the specified discipline. Use the tool to selectively delete views from the project and then save the view configuration to use again later.

There's more information available on the CGS plus website.

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