Friday, May 23, 2014

CGS Revit Tools: The Roundup

For the past few weeks, I've been posting about a series of Revit add-ins offered by CGS plus LLC. What may not not have been apparent from my preceding posts is that these add-ins are all part of a single product offering!

Let's recap with screen captures of the CGS ribbon panels and links to my original posts...

That's a lot of tools. So what's the cost? Following are the annual subscription prices...

$200 Single License
$400 10 Pack
$600 Large Site (Unlimited for one office)
$200 additional Office (Add on to Large Site)

That's pretty easy on the eyes, and the wallet - especially for the site option.

The developer notified me that prices will be going up in June, but they will honor these prices until July 1.

This looks like great bang for the buck, and for that I'm happy to award CGS plus LLC an Editor's Choice Award!

Stay tuned for a product review coming soon!

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